bii Multifunction Touch Digital Wax Heater

Save 26%
  • Rapid heating, intelligent temperature control technology, electronic temperature control, and temperature control, six touch buttons of the whole machine;
  • New upgraded version of full touch melting wax machine: 100W high power, 145 °C high temperature, fast melting wax, full touch button, timed operation, portable and portable;
  • Fully heated, fast melted wax: 360° surround heating, the melting wax rate is 1/3 times faster than traditional products;
  • Touch button, easy to operate: use 6 touch buttons, the operation is very flexible; Hand-held liner: The temperature of the liner is high after heating. It can't be touched directly by hand. Pull up the handle and take the liner out of the wax machine to avoid burns.
  • Venting hole: There are three venting holes on the cover, which can effectively discharge the temperature of the waxing machine and prolong the service life of the machine without reducing the speed of melting wax;

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