The Kiara Sky dip case is essential for the perfect french tip, it is built to provide a desired curve every time

Introducing the newest addition to the Kiara Sky̴Ì_product line, Kiara Sky̴å¬̴Ì_Dip System. Get stronger, lightweight and natural long-lasting nails with our easy-to-use dip powders and dip essentials that don‰ۡó»t damage the nail bed. Formulated without harsh chemicals and with added vitamins and calcium to strengthen natural nails. Our Kiara Sky̴å¬̴Ì_Dip System̴Ì_contains complex bonds that keep it from chipping, discoloring and lifting. Available in 120 colors that matches with Kiara Sky̴å¬̴Ì_gel and nail lacquer. See why Kiara Sky Dip System is the healthier and exciting alternative in Nail Enhancements.

Made in the USA

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